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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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afternoon. this is in hercules. a man was killed. a woman was badly injured. police have not said what happened to the pair. they have a man in custody. police say a witness saw two men fighting in the driveway. >> they found a blood trail from a truck parked in the driveway to the house. >> the man who lives here the neighbors say he had a girlfriend and some are worried that someone maybe broke in. police spotted and arrested a man on foot near the scene. pretty soon after. a witness identified him as the someone he had seen here in the area. this is the first murder to happen in hercules in two years. >> petaluma police have a man in custody suspected of choking a woman who is recovering from the hospital. officers were alerted to a
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domestic assault call last night at look. paramedics rushed the woman to the hospital and used cell phone pings to fine the suspect. police chopper with radar found him walking in a creek bed. officers say he resist asked they had to taze him to take him into custody. >> in the north bay three men are scheduled tomorrow to be arraigned in the brutal rape of a woman who was held captive for two months. the 22-year-old woman turned up at petaluma police station after escaping and told authorities they was kidnap asked beaten and sexually assaulted on a home in santa rosa. she said she was taken some time dug the holidays and was able to escape when the captors left the door open. yesterday, the sheriff deputies arrested the 34-year-old 52-year-old and
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the man who carried identity the attacks is held on $6 million bail. the other two suspects are charged with false imprisonment. the sheriff said this is an ongoing investigation and more champions could be filed. >> a small devastated communities turned out to remember a newborn baby boy a victim of a tragedy north of sacramento gaining in yolo county to remember just first -- to remember justice rees who would have been three weeks old today. he and his 23-year-old mother samantha green were report missing on monday is she was found tuesday night, disroot and pressed and screaming for help. >> if someone did this i hope they are property to just first. that was an innocent child. >> at this point police are not treating this as a homicide. green and the baby's father are both cooperating with the investigation. >> 4:32.
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the identity has been revealed of jihadi john possibly the most wanted man on earth. he is the masked man with the british accept who has appeared in isis votes beheading hostages. an official has confirmed to abc that he is mohammed only waze a -- mohamed emwazi. his friends told the "washington post" that he is from a well-to-do family and studied computer programing and traveled to syria in 1212 -- in 2012. >> family is praying nor relatives believed captors by isis in syria. the woman said her where in law was among dozens of christians taken from their home. he left to bringly son and family to the united states. >> he visited his family but he went back to visit his son
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because you know what happened over there and he wanted to be with him. >> the family said that a small group who are able to flee isis told the family about the abduction. >> it could be the biggest music festival the north bay has ever seen but a proposed four day concert at the sonoma raceway has some praising the idea and others are concerned. we were at a meeting with the residents gave their opinions. >> the place famous for fast cars is changing its tune. the raceway wants to be the home of the newest music event a festival that could rival outside land in san francisco. people packed into the sonoma advisory committee meeting to learn more about the proposal but a woman who lives in the valley said "no." >> that is just like protracted torture. >> traffic and noise is terrible on the race day weekends and
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worries a week festival that could attract 50,000 unanimouses a day will be worse. the festival could have a venue playing dance music like this until 4:00 a.m. and many worry about the noise. >> the other events are lie bringing the burning man festival to the valley. >> in will be major national act as but we are a couple of years down the road. >> they hope to stage the concert in 2017 but needs approval for another major event beside racing. >> we are studying all the impacts. >> many call it a no brainer for the economy. >> we need our tourism. it creates jobs. >> the approva supervisors will be necessary. >> apple bus drivers joined by teamsters for a rally outside
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the cupertino offices. tomorrow 120 full and part time drivers will vote on whether to join the teamsters local 853 union and many drivers in compass transportation which contract the shuttles for apple yahoo and more face low wages and work long hours to transport some of the silicon valley wealthiest executives and they want to improve their working continues. last weekend, 87 drivers employed by facebook contractor loop transportation ratify add contract that bests driver pay by an average of $6 an hour and gin the teamsters union in november. >> the bart board of directors will consider changes to the nor plan for the new train cars. the board will consider a modified design that hoofs -- that moves wheelchairs from the end to the middle doors and removing the poles to make it friendly for the wheelchairs and bicycle racks are moved from the middle to the end. the new cars roll out in two
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years. >> in 90 minutes we find out if buster posey wings the face of online contest. he is facing the defending champion. right now buster leads 54 percent to 46 percent. >> giants fans, no secret how passionate they are. when you are voted on by the fans, it is an honor. >> we will tell you how to get your last votes in. you can post posey or tweet or re-tweet we buster posey. you can vote as many times as you want. >> i checked an hour ago and he was not trending here in the bay
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area. wake up. wake up your friends. time to vote. >> this is not a holiday. let's vote. ma'am if this was chicago you can vote as often as you want. >> and now mike has the forecast. >> even dead people can vote. >> that is what i hear. >> that is what we hear. good morning everyone, check out how warm the temperatures are, the trend of getting warmer eve morning is taking place in all of our neighborhoods up to 5 degrees warmer in san carlos. headed into san francisco or waking up in san francisco, we are at 52 in bayview and 50 in west portal and 54 in sunny side and glenn park and 52 coming across at crissy field and the ferry building is 55 and the financial district downtown is 53. pacifica is 50 and richmond is 51. everyone else is in the 40s with american canyon at 40 and santa clara at 42. 47 in walnut creek, and san leandro and fremont.
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in san rafael you can see the fog has not made it on to 101 as we look south to the golden gate bridge check out the temperatures, spring like and a lot of tree pollen so sneezing. the coast is 63 to 65 around the bay, then up to 72. moving forward, a chance of showers tomorrow a better chance on saturday. dry on sunday. a timetable on that rain is ahead. leyla? >> good morning, everyone. the san mateo bridge eastbound side, the lanes on your left you can see flashing lights. there is a construction crew with cones dotting the roadway. we will see two lanes shut down until 6:45. traveling westbound direction the tail lights pushing to the water you can see clear conditions. it is accident free interest san jose. that is 87 beyond julian street with accident free conditions.
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we have construction across the bay area. that will be closed until 5:00. you will see that shut down. you can use park street or fruitvale to get off alameda to oakland. right now, everything is clear on 880. >> did you see the posey tube? >> i did. subliminal message. >> government regulators will vote on tougher rules for internet providers and what the new rules mean. >> your dog can fetch rollover and beg on command but can it read. a dog train are said she can get fido to do thatstay tuned.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning everyone, at 4:43. it is the abc morning news. this is washington dc. a lot of snow coming down. it is very cold. federal agencies are opening on a two-hour delay because of the snowstorm. it is moving through the nation's capitol. the office of personnel managements says the government is open. the employees can work from home if they have the capability. it is a mess there. >> happening now britain's prince william is on the first royal visit to japan. the duke has had a busy morning. he is taking a ride across tokyo harbor after arriving for a four day visit. despite heavy rains and strong winds he was all smiles. he has sailed under the rainbow bridge before heading to the traditional japanese garden and sampled green tea and was welcomed by schoolchildren. he is traveling solo.
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his wife, kate, is pregnant with the second child and she stayed at home. >> the fcc is likely to vote on a new set of rules for the intent called net neutrality. the government would regulate the internet like telephone services. internet providers would no longer be able to block or slow down apps or websites or services to the customers of the man providers including those selling wireless are expected to sue the fcc to block the regulations. the decision will be secret and not made official for months. >> in east bay if you look for something to do with your kids, disney on ice is giving away free tickets for a good cause. the first 50 guests to donate a book get one free ticket to the performance at the arena in oakland. the book drive starts at 5:30. it will continue until sunday. bring a book before each performance of "let's celebrate
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." monday is "national read across america." disney is the parent company of abc7. >> donated packs are not intended to go to the dogs but a trainer in kentucky has proven that k-9's can read. >> reporter gets the low down on the four legged literacy. >> jump. jump. jump. >> not the average day at the brown school. mia, a creative mini australian shepherd found the right place to let her creativity shine alongside the trainer. >> high five. >> good. mia, what does this say? >> good job. >> from shame. >> to bang.
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wave. down. spin. roll. she begins with a vocal command. like "sit." the dog lend as hand signal for that word and the dog recognizes corresponding bold letters. >> what does this say? >> the dog learned letters like humans. same thing spell out the letters and say okay my and "p" is spin. but just an "s" is sit. >> the kids enjoyed it. >> were you surprised? >> yes. >> for the dog hour but it is like a religion. >> hold it. good. >> she can teach any dog to read in four weeks.
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>> where was she when i was in 1st grade. >> hold up the word "bone," and all the dogs are >> or bacon. >> speaking of been beggin' for rain. live doppler hd shows the showers are crossing the pacific northwest. they could cause issues. there could be delays. right now sfo has high clouds. hopefully no delays. the peninsula is just showing clouds and mild. the highlights are high clouds. spring warmth and breezy today. it will stir up the pollen. unsettled pattern on friday and saturday. a chance of scattered showers. the better chance is saturday. if you are around the bay or
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south, we could have possible thunder and small hail. that would be the best area that to develop. >> with the high clouds they will not stop the warm sunshine. mid-60s along the coast with half moon bay at 65. look at this, upper 60s to low 70s. the few that will not make it to 70 are very close, san mateo, san rafael at 69 and san francisco at 68. tonight's temperatures, the mildest we have had all week: upper 40s to low 50s until you get around san mateo and north to san francisco we will have mid-50s and scattered very scattered light showers. here we are as we head through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning, the best chance of showers are over the coast. also, in the high country. the high country lifts air and created what is needed for the showers. the best instability is over the ocean. it will be warmer than the air
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mass. headed to friday morning, a couple of inches of snow on the way to to the sierra. on saturday there is a low on top of us and a better chance of showers with the thunder and small hail. rainfall amounts if you are caught under one of these you can get up for .1 to quarter 6 an inch but mostly high areas get the best chance of measurable rain. my seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 60s but with the breeze it will feel cooler than that friday and saturday and clear on sunday. a slight chance on monday. tuesday and wednesday dry but warming trend. >> now, the golden gate bridge shows the travel from marin looks light and we have not seen the zipper truck. we still have a couple of lanes open in the southbound direction. we will see more lanes opening up there narrowing the northbound traffic. it looks decent.
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kristen, if you take the posey tube this morning before action the commute could be busted. that is my way of inserting "buster posey." >> you can use we have some construction until only 6:00 580 tracy to dublin over the altamont pass is 28 minutes. highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. >> the giants thank you for promoting ten more minutes to vote for buster poetsy for face of mlb. >> coming up, a plan by california lawmakers to save parents big bucks. >> and the parents of these newborns are stocking up on diapers, the triplets are
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tt4wút3n@á4 " jntq f?x tt4wút3n@á4 " lzt& ír$ >> a warning from the centers for disease control that a trip to the doctor's office could make you sick. a dangerous bacteria found in hospitals is making the jump to doctor's examination room causing severe damage to the colom. a number people have gotten sick from the bacteria but have not been to the hospital but they have seen a doctor or dentist. the centers for disease control will launch a new study to find out how the bacteria is spreading. >> a new hampshire hand is sore after being buried alive in snow for 3 1/2 hours on sunday. the 48-year-old said he was using a rake to clear the roof his home and the snow rushed off of it like an avalanche and he could not get out of the way and
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ended up on his back buried in 2' of snow. the family returned three hours later and heard the screams and called 9-1-1. it took nine firefighters about on minutes to free him. he was taken by ambulance to a hospital suffering from exposure. >> frightening consequence of the record snow. it is brutal. we will get snow at lake tahoe. check out the forecast. we are going to get 2-6" by saturday. another system coming in on monday and tuesday with minor accumulation. as far as what is going on here at home we have been following the warmest winter in san francisco taking in december and january and february. temperatures now are being shattered by 1.2 degrees. with cooler weather, we could drop down but not enough to break that. 56 in eureka and 81 in palm
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springs. leyla? >> san jose, 101 at 880, headlights are pushing to the airport. it is clear southbound. nothing whatever. 101 southbound near millbrae avenue we have construction. it is wrapping up. if you are headed on the road slow for the cone zone. this is the drive away from sfo headed to brisbane to 280 extension, there is slowing on the transition to 280 as you continue on 101 toward the skyway the lower deck of the bay bridge, nine minutes to third street. >> if you leave unwanted suppliers -- flyers at homes will be fined if you leash them at residential properties. officials are saying they tip
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burglars off and pa lute the bay. the first violation costs $100. the second costs $200 and each after that $500. >> good news for parents california lawmakers want to make diapers tax-free. a bill introduced would exempt diapers from the sales tax with the support of democrats and republicans. diapers are a health necessity and should be treated like understood and prescription health products which are tax free. if approved the measure could save california families $100 a child per year. six states exempt diapers from sales tax including new york and massachusetts. >> a michigan family will need all of the diapers they can get after welcoming identical triplets. >> parents mom, dad three times, the latest addition to the family, mom and dad say they were trying for a girl and they found out they were having three
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boys. the odds of having identical trip lets? one in a million. >> i didn't know if i believed it or not until the end and they said yes they are identical. >> we googled and it said, one in a million and they said, well like hitting the lottery. >> what makes it more amazing is the babies were conceived naturally with in fertility treatments. if you think the family is going to have their hands full they already have two boys. 9 family said they will not be trying for the girl anymore. >> they already have a basketball squad. >> they do. three of them will not be able to tell apart. >> exactly. >> every little bit helps, how california attitude to mandatory water rationing is changing. >> trouble in the sky the warning that united is giving to everyone that is a pilot. >> we leave you with abc7 now to
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...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:00 a.m. on thursday of the almost there. getting there. good morning, i am eric thomas. "there," being friday. >> i am kristen sze with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco is closer to the rage. >> thought you were excited about the possibility of rain. >> no. we are not meteorologists. >> good morning everyone, the visibility in santa rosa is down to half a mile. high school road headed through south santa rosa, want out,


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